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Ninja Turtle Hand Print Ornament

TMNT Hand Print Ornament

  Have you seen the Hand Print Snowman Ornaments this year? I originally saw it in a kit a few years ago, but everyone seems to be making their own this year. They are all over the blogoshere. Cute, easy and cheap. Well, I couldn’t just do the simple snowmen. Nope not in this Ninja …

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Sometimes I forget what is really important.

Earlier today I logged on to Facebook to post something about the world not operating on my time table: J was up about 4:30 am for the 4th morning in a row my computer was running slow I needed an answer from tech support and it took a few hours in coming etc. etc. But …

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Toy Purge Time

It was time for “the talk” with my six year old. No not THAT one, hubby gets to have that discussion in a few years. This talk was about “giving to those less fortunate”. I explained there were some little boys whose parents couldn’t afford to buy them any toy they wanted, and this time …

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What I have learned in my 300 blog posts

I could write word upon word about Blogger burnout that few if any will bother reading. Instead I am going to teach by example and go spend time with my favorite two people in the world. Happy Sunday to you all!   Related Post Funny Blogging Memes Breaking up with a blogging group Make Your …

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Is Your Math Anxiety Hampering Your Child?

Your child comes home with Math Homework, that awful Common Core Math Homework no less. He/she needs help. The method being demonstrated is different than you were taught. How do you react? Go on a rant about Common Core and how it is ruining our children? Throw your hands up and say you were horrible …

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Don’t be a Photo Hoarder!

One of my biggest pet peeves right now are the picture hoarders in my life. Those people that have their camera at the ready at gatherings of family and friends, clicking away like a fiend and then let those pictures sit on their memory cards to die a slow silent death until they are deleted to …

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Blogging Financial Errors

Last week I figured out a few things that have been costing me money with That Recipe and I have no one to blame but myself. WEB HOSTING First I discovered that I have been paying twice what I should for monthly hosting. Mom set up the account originally with “company X” and they were …

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What Do You Know About the Air Temple?

8 hidden chests 8 Momo objects 5 set items 10 quests 6 areas That’s what you know about the Air Temple. -a guest post by my 6 year old about the game Avatar: The Last Airbender And know we are off to play a little. Have an awesome Sunday! Related Post Any ideas for improving …

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