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Crazy Hopscotch and Homemade Sewing Cards

I am 2 1/2 weeks away from Summer Vacation, and we don’t have summer school this year. Ooof! Nine weeks of keeping my little darling entertained 14 hours a day! I have been pinning away on my Summer Vacation – EEK! Board on Pinterest. Hopefully I will find a few things to keep him occupied …

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Mother’s Day Decoupage Vase

Kid's Craft: Decoupage Vase. A recycled bottle, some tissue paper and glue is all that's needed to make this lovely little vase. Mother's Day craft

My husband surprised me today with the news that we are going to stop by his parents’ house this weekend instead of next for an impromptu Mother’s Day celebration. I needed to come up with a project for J to make with what I had on hand instead of what I planned to do next …

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Spring Break Sanity Saver

The end is in sight, and I have a bad case of STA (short-timers attitude). As I type there is a trampoline in my living room, legos on the floor, magnetic letters scattered across the table and various other toys and dress up clothes scattered from one end of the floor to the other downstairs. …

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Spring Break Science Project: Exploding Ivory Soap!

Two and a half weeks of no school. What am I going to do with this kid? My cousin complimented me a few weeks ago that she could never be a stay at home mom because she isn’t that creative, her daughter would end up knowing all of the characters on Days of Our Lives. …

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Family Quilts

It is cold and drizzly today. Perfect weather for some Beef Stew with Guinness (in the crock pot since this morning) and curling up under a quilt. I have some beautiful quilts that have been made with love by my family. Which, if you have been reading my last few posts has been the theme of my …

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Heart Box for Daddy

Heart Box for Daddy: Make a heart shaped box from a recycled cereal box. Fun project for kids. Valentines for kids.

The day after I started thinking about what I could have J make his Daddy for his birthday/St. Valentine’s Day, I saw this post on Doodles and Jots for making your own heart shaped box out of a cereal box. How cute is that?! I ended up doing ours slightly differently because I wanted J’s help and I …

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Wordless Wednesday and Fabric Find Friday meet Sick Saturday

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When does school start?

I’ve got the “eleven more days until school starts, this whiney kid is driving me crazy, what am I going to do with him” blues. Zip Van Winkle has been up since 5:15 this morning. He played quietly by himself for 30 minutes then came to our bed and demanded we come into his bed. …

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