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8 Important Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss (plus Friday Frivolity)

It is better to know how to learn than to know.

Important Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss that I want my son to learn. Dr. Seuss quotes.

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Why All the Hate for Comic Sans? Fonts Matter.

Why all the hate for Comic Sans? Funny Comic Sans Memes. How to choose a font for your blog, graphics or other project.

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Crafts, Activities and Foods for a Kid Friendly Mardi Gras (Friday Frivolity)

Celebrate a Kid Friendly Mardi Gras at home with these fun Mardi Gras crafts, activities and Cajun and Creole Foods.

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Friday Frivolity the Parenting Advice Edition

Love your child and do what is best for your family.

This will be the final baby themed Friday Frivolity for us… at least for awhile. We may have to sneak in some more once Baby Devastate Boredom is finally here. But for now we are finishing with a doozy: bad parenting advice. Even before the baby is born parents start getting parenting advice from everyone. Even those …

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50 of the Stupidest Things Said to Pregnant Women (FridayFrivolity)

Women share the stupidest things people said to them when they were pregnant, from overly personal questions to weight comments.

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10 Geeky Ways to Announce You are Expecting (plus Friday Frivolity)

Fun ways to announce you are expecting. Humorous and geeky ways to announce your pregnancy.

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Fun and Learning in Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego has plenty to offer visitors with museums, shops, restaurants and even potential ghost sightings.

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It’s About the Memories Not the Gifts (Friday Frivolity)

It’s about the Memories not the gifts. Stop stressing about the perfect Christmas gift and spend time with your family instead.

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Time for Family Fun with These 8 Great Old School Games

Old School Board Games are still great entertainment for the family. 8 choices for young and old. Classic Board Games. Family Game Night.

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Nine of the Funniest Letters Forged by Kids

September 1st is World Letter Writing Day. You know I keep up on all of these vitally important holidays. Since it is also Back to School time in most areas I decided to join the two and share some of the funniest letters forged by kids for our Friday Frivolity Host Letter Writing theme. Technically …

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Photos: Mission Beach and Bahia Resort in San Diego, CA

While on vacation last month I played around with some photo apps on my smart phone to take some photos of our favorite vacation destination: Mission Beach and the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA. From the hotel, Mission Beach and Belmont Park (a beach front amusement park) are just a short two block …

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10 Non-Character Backpacks for Under $25 plus Back to School Giveaway

Elementary kids want to have the “cool” back pack, which usually means their favorite TV or movie characters. Some parents object to spending money for their kid to be a walking billboard. And by the time they are in middle and high school, princesses and super heroes are lame, childish, passe, or whatever term the …

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