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A Fun Day at Knott’s Berry Farm

Last week we snuck over the great Orange Curtain that divides Orange County and Riverside County in California and spent a few days at Knott’s Berry Farm and hanging out with family visiting the area. We passed right by the more popular and well known theme park (aka The House of Mouse) for a variety …

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Things I Miss About Childhood plus Friday Frivolity Link Party

What a wonderful week I have had spending time with visiting family. Including my munchkin, we had kids from 8 to 23. Which put me in the right frame of mind for our Friday Frivolity Host theme: Childhood. And it made me quite nostalgic for my own childhood. So, without further ado, here are some …

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Happy Father’s Day, Darth Vader! Friday Frivolity Link Party

I know, I just did a Star Wars theme when the Friday Frivolity Hosts had a crazy hairstyles theme. But, while I was looking for the Princess Leia cinnamon roll memes I came across a few of these and I just had to save them for this week’s theme. Happy Father’s Day, Darth Vader.   …

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Fun Road Trip Movies plus Friday Frivolity Link Party

With the summer travel season upon us, your Friday Frivolity hosts decided upon a “travel theme” this week.  Be sure to visit the other hosts sites too for some more travel fun. I decided to go with my favorite Road Trip Movies. Movies about road trips that are perfect to watch on road trips.   …

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Nate the Great Detective Activities

Are you looking for some learning based activities to bridge the gap this summer, or maybe some book based homeschool activities? This year my 2nd grader discovered one of the great children’s detectives Nate the Great. Considering his recently developed disdain for reading, I am trying to do anything I can to encourage it. Like …

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7 Things My Child Needs to See Me Do

Children learn so much by observing their parents. Oftentimes more than we want them too. And like most parents, I am guilty of saying the equivalent of  “do as I say not as I do” a bit too often. This conversation has come up with a few times the past week in regards to voting …

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10 Funny Motherhood Quotes plus Friday Frivolity

Some people are sentimental when it comes to Mother’s Day. Not me, laughter helps me keep a grip on this motherhood gig. Perhaps one of the other Friday Frivolity hosts went for the sentimental route, so be sure to check them out. I chose 10 of my favorite funny motherhood quotes:     Funny Quotes …

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Lies Parents Tell Their Children plus Friday Frivolity

Besides the three characters (Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy) I don’t tell J too many little white lies. I am more of a “because I said so kind” of mom. I am also a non-judgemental mom. If you stretch the truth to keep the peace in your home, I have no …

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Lovely Love plus Friday Frivolity

Since everyone is celebrating the love of my life’s birthday this weekend, the Friday Frivolity crew is dedicating our posts to “LOVE”… Wait, you mean all of the hearts and flowers and pink and red everywhere are NOT for my husband’s birthday? Hmmph! to hear him tell it from the second that first Valentine’s Day …

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Spring Break Travel Ideas for Families

One place you probably don’t want to be during spring break is anywhere near Florida! That may be the place for college students, but it’s probably not the destination you would choose if you have a family. Instead of choosing potential party places, try one of these spring break travel ideas for families. Beaches If …

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Researching your Family Tree: Practical tips for Beginners

Researching your Family Tree can be a fascinating but overwhelming undertaking. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to find out where your ancestors came from. But with all of that information out there it might seem daunting to begin. Fear not! I have some tips from my own experience to help you get …

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San Diego Model Railroad Museum

We finally made it back down to San Diego’s Balboa Park to visit some more museums with our Balboa Park Explorer’s passes. The Rueben H Fleet Science Center We started at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center, which is a highly acclaimed hands on learning center. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bust for …

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