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Easy Craft: Candle Holder for All Seasons

Simple candle holder made with clothes pins that can be redecorated every season.

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Hollywood Themed Classroom Door Decoration

Hollywood Themed Classroom Door Decoration for Boosterthon Fun Run. Movie theme door decoration.

Hollywood Themed Classroom Door Decoration for Boosterthon Fun Run or other fun event.

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How I Made a Computer Monitor Stand for Free

How I made a simple computer monitor stand from scrap wood to save my neck and some money. ergonomics, home office, upcycle, DIY

Do you bend your neck to look down at your computer monitor? If so, you are unnecessarily straining your neck muscles. You could buy a fancy monitor stand to raise it to the proper height. Or you can be cheap like me and make one for free. If you aren’t concerned about ergonomics, you should …

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Easy DIY Vision Board to Help You Visualize Your Success

DIY Vision Board: Visualize Your Success. Create your own frugal but beautiful vision board to help you focus on your success.

A few weeks ago, the International Bloggers Association had an amazing Twitter Chat about How to Create Actionable Vision Boards. I immediately knew it was going to be one of the central features of my new “office space” redesign.  And like so many of my projects here on Munofore, I did not want to spend …

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Book Review: Secrets of the Capsule Wardrobe

Secrets of the Capsule Wardrobe: How to Find Your Personal Style and Create a Happy, Confident Closet. Book Review. fashion books

Not only am I doing a book review, which is a bit rare on Munofore, but it is a Fashion Book! No, I haven’t gone over the deep end completely. There are some very good reasons for me to read Secrets of the Capsule Wardrobe: How to Find Your Personal Style and Create a Happy, …

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Dried Rose Shadow Box Display

Dried Rose Shadow Box - simple but beautiful way to display dried flowers. easy crafts, DIY

This Dried Rose Shadow Box is a lovely way to preserve and display roses. And it is quite simple to create.   I started with the roses photographed in this post. They were a sweet anniversary gift from my husband which was extra special because it isn’t something he normally does. So, I wanted to …

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Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath

Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath - Upcycle a beach towel and old summer toys into a fun summer themed wreath.

Another season, another reason, for making…. a new wreath for the front door.  To celebrate summer and add a burst of color to the front porch I made this Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath with odds and ends from around the house. I originally considered a pool noodle for the base of this summer wreath. …

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Mixed Media Wall Art

Mixed Media Wall Art - cheap and easy wall art with paint, fabric and markers.

Today’s Mixed Media Wall Art project continues my quest to freshen up the house without spending a lot of money. I am thrilled with how it came out, and so is my husband, which is definitely a bonus! When we moved into the house, I grabbed an old wicker fan, spray painted it black with …

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