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Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath

Another season, another reason, for making…. a new wreath for the front door.  To celebrate summer and add a burst of color to the front porch I made this Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath with odds and ends from around the house. I originally considered a pool noodle for the base of this summer wreath. …

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Mixed Media Wall Art

Today’s Mixed Media Wall Art project continues my quest to freshen up the house without spending a lot of money. I am thrilled with how it came out, and so is my husband, which is definitely a bonus! When we moved into the house, I grabbed an old wicker fan, spray painted it black with …

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Patriotic Wreath

The Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath has been on the front door since it was created, and with Memorial Day followed by Flag Day followed by Independence Day, I figured it was high time to create a Patriotic Wreath to get in the spirit.   Like all of the wreaths I am making this year, my …

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I want to be Phryne Fisher in my next life.

Phryne Fisher: glamorous, intelligent, witty, fashionable, sensuous and a little dangerous. Yup. I have found a new idol.   If you are Australian, you probably have heard of the Phryne Fisher Mystery books by Kerry Greenwood and the television show based on them.  Here in America we are just discovering the delicious Miss Fisher. Ovation …

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Frugal Fix: Typing Table (a Tale of DIY Don’t)

Frugal Fix: Typing Table or How I Repaired a Water Damaged Table the Hard Way I have been getting a little restless with the decor in my home as I mentioned when I redid the pictures in the upstairs hallway. By the way, that project came out so good, my husband wants me to move …

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Picture Frames: From Glitzy Gold to Faux Wood

Have you ever felt the urge to change things up in your home but haven’t wanted to spend a lot of money to do so? The urge to refresh my home has been pretty strong lately but the budget is screaming no way! So, I have decided to do a few things, without spending a …

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Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath

It’s almost a new month which means it is almost time for a new wreath on my front door. This time around I went with something I saw on Pinterest years ago: a Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath. Gray isn’t exactly my first color choice for this, but the whole idea behind my wreaths this year …

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8 Life Lessons Learned from Stitchery

As I was finishing up this project recently and stressing about all of the mistakes I realized there are quite a few life lessons to be gleaned from stitchery, whether it is cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel or embroidery. Truthfully my mind wanders when I am backstitching. But, I still thought it might make a nice …

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Researching your Family Tree: Practical tips for Beginners

Researching your Family Tree can be a fascinating but overwhelming undertaking. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to find out where your ancestors came from. But with all of that information out there it might seem daunting to begin. Fear not! I have some tips from my own experience to help you get …

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Fun (and Frugal) Fall Banner

I have been spending so much time with my head in the computer I haven’t gotten my craft on in awhile. Last Sunday, I just got the yen to make something.   This is not really a tutorial on how to make this exact banner. I mean it to be more of an inspiration (and permission …

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Down low in the garden

Last week I posted some close up photos of the flowers in my garden. This week I decided to get down low and take shots from another angle. I only lasted a short while out there, because it is rather hot out there, and when you are a woman “of a certain age” the heat …

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Close up and personal with some California Native Plants

So many Californians are still under the misguided impression that in order to have a drought tolerant garden you need to have rocks and cacti. And I won’t even comment on people outside of the state that still insist the entire state is, and always was, a desert. In my area, Coastal Sage Shrub is …

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