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Holding Back the Years: an 80s Music Tribute (Friday Frivolity)

An 80s Music tribute: What happens when Sara, Amanda, Billie Jean, Mickey, Jack and Dianne go dancing in Funkytown?

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Wishing You A SciFi St. Patrick’s Day From Friday Frivolity

Wishing You A Scifi St Patricks Day. Funny St. Patrick’s Day Memes. Star Wars St Patrick’s Day. Star Trek St. Patrick’s Day Memes.

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10 Funny Coffee Mugs, plus Project 365: Coffee Photos for February

Funny coffee mugs for your favorite coffee lover. Teacher coffee mugs. Mom coffee mugs. Nerd coffee mugs.

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8 Important Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss (plus Friday Frivolity)

It is better to know how to learn than to know.

Important Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss that I want my son to learn. Dr. Seuss quotes.

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Why All the Hate for Comic Sans? Fonts Matter.

Why all the hate for Comic Sans? Funny Comic Sans Memes. How to choose a font for your blog, graphics or other project.

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Memes to Make You Smile When You are Sick as a Dog (Friday Frivolity)

Friday Frivolity is going to the dogs this week. The hosts have a dog theme in honor of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.I am adding a little twist to mine and sharing some get well soon dog memes for my friend Julia who is recovering from reconstructive surgery this week.     Julia has had a …

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Valentine’s Day: Lady Gaga, Red Rain Boots and Trolls on Friday Frivolity

Lessons on self acceptance from Lady Gaga, red rain boots, trolls and bullies. This Valentine’s Day learn to love yourself.

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A Little Dose of Happy with Cute and Funny Groundhog Memes (Friday Frivolity)

Cute and Funny Groundhog memes – celebrate Groundhog Day with these adorable groundhog memes. funny memes, cute animal memes.

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Coffee Coffee, how do I love thee? Project 365: Coffee Photos

Project 365: Coffee Photos. The first month of photos of my morning cup of coffee. 31 down, 334 to go.

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Friday Frivolity the Parenting Advice Edition

Love your child and do what is best for your family.

This will be the final baby themed Friday Frivolity for us… at least for awhile. We may have to sneak in some more once Baby Devastate Boredom is finally here. But for now we are finishing with a doozy: bad parenting advice. Even before the baby is born parents start getting parenting advice from everyone. Even those …

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The Most Ridiculous Baby Products I Have Seen (Friday Frivolity)

Some of the most ridiculous baby products on sale today including wee wee covers, apptivity infant seat and more.

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50 of the Stupidest Things Said to Pregnant Women (FridayFrivolity)

Women share the stupidest things people said to them when they were pregnant, from overly personal questions to weight comments.

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