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My attempts to become a better photographer.

January 2016 – Garden Photos

I know it is February 3rd, and I am just now posting January Garden Photos. I could have backdated the post by a few days, but the truth is I just now got them edited to put up. January in a California native garden is actually just the beginning of a magical time. Especially if …

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San Diego Model Railroad Museum

We finally made it back down to San Diego’s Balboa Park to visit some more museums with our Balboa Park Explorer’s passes. The Rueben H Fleet Science Center We started at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center, which is a highly acclaimed hands on learning center. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bust for …

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December 2015 California Native Plants Photos

It’s just an incredibly beautiful winter day here in Southern California so I grabbed the camera and took some shots of my California Native plants to share with you. While it is winter and snowing and plants are dormant in some areas, here in my yard the California Native plants are just starting to awaken …

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A little perspective from the garden

For anyone exposed to media of any kind this week there is no denying things have been overwhelmingly morose. Besides the happenings in World News, personally things have been a little bothersome too. Add in the lovely menopausal hormone fluctuations and I was headed for a meltdown of epic proportions. And then I went outside. At first, I …

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Jasper the Alpaca – Photo Friday

My son’s second grade class is learning about production. Things we buy don’t just magically appear in the store, some one has to grow them or make them. One of the parents arranged for a special visitor to help demonstrate this: Jasper the Alpaca. Jasper is a pretty special Alpaca, he is the first Therapy Alpaca in …

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A Red, Red Rose

O my Luve’s like a red, red rose, That’s newly sprung in June: O my Luve’s like the melodie, That’s sweetly play’d in tune. As fair art thou, my bonie lass, So deep in luve am I; And I will luve thee still, my dear, Till a’ the seas gang dry. Till a’ the seas …

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I am going to my happy place

Summer is unofficially over. Too bad no one told Mother Nature! Our 5 day forecast: UGH! It is so miserable out there my yard looks hot and tired. Which, for California native plants, is actually quite normal. They go dormant in the dry and heat. Come cooler wet weather they will perk up again. I am …

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Cheap and Easy Ways to Commemorate the School Years

Super Moms have been pinning and planning since their child’s birth for ways to mark their child’s passage through school. Some plans are quite elaborate and expensive. Me? not so much. Truthfully, his first day of preschool I didn’t even think to take a picture before school. Sorry, kid! I wish someone had given me …

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Down low in the garden

Last week I posted some close up photos of the flowers in my garden. This week I decided to get down low and take shots from another angle. I only lasted a short while out there, because it is rather hot out there, and when you are a woman “of a certain age” the heat …

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Spanish Village Art Center Balboa Park

We just got ourselves a family Explorer Pass to Balboa Park in San Diego. For a year, the three of us can get into any of the 17 museums and gardens in Balboa Park. Only the World Famous San Diego Zoo is not included. If you are visiting San Diego from farther away, they also have …

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Close up and personal with some California Native Plants

So many Californians are still under the misguided impression that in order to have a drought tolerant garden you need to have rocks and cacti. And I won’t even comment on people outside of the state that still insist the entire state is, and always was, a desert. In my area, Coastal Sage Shrub is …

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September Garden Update

I have been sneaking out early in the morning to get a little work done in the garden because it is still hot here by 10 a.m. And with Hurricane Norbert heading north it is going to be pretty humid for the next few days. Fingers crossed that it will bring us some desperately needed …

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