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Why I don’t wish American Service Members and Veterans “Happy Memorial Day”

Why I don't Wish American Service Members and Veterans Happy Memorial Day - the history and traditions of Memorial Day.

More than a few U.S. active duty service members and veterans I know are offended by the words “Happy Memorial Day”. Some may not be as vocal about it as others, but it is still insulting if you know the true meaning of the day. Confused? I understand. The holiday has become increasingly a day …

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8 Life Lessons Learned from Stitchery

8 Life Lessons Learned from Stitchery - comparing life to cross stitch, embroidery, crewel and needlepoint.

As I was finishing up this project recently and stressing about all of the mistakes I realized there are quite a few life lessons to be gleaned from stitchery, whether it is cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel or embroidery. Truthfully my mind wanders when I am backstitching. But, I still thought it might make a nice …

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Fashions I Am Glad Are Gone and Friday Frivolity Linky Party

Fashions I am glad are gone: vintage fashions such as ruff collars, cod pieces, hoop skirts, bustles, corsets and more. Plus Friday Frivolity Linky Party

Since we are in the midst of “Red Carpet Season” at the moment, the Friday Frivolity crew chose Fashion Flubs as our theme for this week. Be sure to see what goodies the others have shared this week. Since I am a self professed  fashion disaster (jeans/yoga pants, t-shirt and pony bun on most days) …

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6 Inspirational thoughts from Amy Poehler – Friday Frivolity

inspirational quotes from Amy Poehler

For our Friday Frivolity host theme this week we chose Amy Poehler. Well, Lisa and Sarah chose, I had to Google her. No offense, Amy! I am an old lady with a 7 year old. He gets the TV during the day and I just enjoy the blessed silence once he is in bed. I …

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A little perspective from the garden

Wayne Roderick daisy - Erigeron glaucus

For anyone exposed to media of any kind this week there is no denying things have been overwhelmingly morose. Besides the happenings in World News, personally things have been a little bothersome too. Add in the lovely menopausal hormone fluctuations and I was headed for a meltdown of epic proportions. And then I went outside. At first, I …

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2015 Ornament Exchange Link Party

Here it is after two awesome weeks of sharing: the Final Round Up of all the amazing ornaments exchanged this year in the 2015 Ornament Exchange. We’ve added all of the ornaments in the exchange to the Link Up below and we encourage you to share yours too. Welcome to the first 2015 Holiday Ornament …

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Cash for Christmas Giveaway

2015 Cash for Christmas Giveaway

Are you getting geared up for the shopping season? Do you need extra cash for Christmas?? Don’t we all! We are so excited to be giving away $225 in cash prizes for you to use starting Thanksgiving weekend. Here are the prizes: 1 – $100 Amazon Gift Card 1 – $75 Target Gift Card 1 …

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10 Fun Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

10 Grown Up Halloween Party Themes

A traditional generic Halloween costume party can still be fun for teens and adults as it was when you were little. But if you want to amp up the fun why not try one of these fun Halloween party ideas. How about a Helliday theme party? If you are wondering what “helliday” is, think about having guest arrive …

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