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Funny Blogging Memes

funny blogging memes

or What you do when you spend an hour on a brilliant post only to have it completely disappear. I could rewrite it, I could cry, I could toss my computer across the room shattering it into a billion little pieces that I would then have to clean up. This is less effort.       …

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Make Your Links Shine at a Link Party

Help your posts stand out at link parties

You’ve written the perfect post, complete with pinnable images and great SEO. You want to drop your link at a few Link Parties for a little free publicity. You hope a few people will click on it, share it on their favorite social media, then others see it and share it and your post goes viral! …

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New name, new look, new platform, new host …same me


Has it really been 7 months since I blogged something not on That Recipe? I have been meaning to. I have had dozens of blogs written in my head, but haven’t made it to actually writing them down. And then about a week ago I decided to revive the Random Musings of Aud the Broad… …

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What I have learned in my 300 blog posts

I could write word upon word about Blogger burnout that few if any will bother reading. Instead I am going to teach by example and go spend time with my favorite two people in the world. Happy Sunday to you all!   Related Post New name, new look, new platform, new host …… Blogging Financial …

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Blogging Financial Errors

Last week I figured out a few things that have been costing me money with That Recipe and I have no one to blame but myself. WEB HOSTING First I discovered that I have been paying twice what I should for monthly hosting. Mom set up the account originally with “company X” and they were …

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Should you jump in the TSUnami?

This is not going to be your typical Tsu is almighty and you need to sign up now post. I have come to bury Tsu, not praise it! Okay, maybe a little of both. This new social media has potential, but also some problems. Is it the answer to the small bloggers woes of increasing …

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Blogging Tip: Keeping Track of Link Ups

The past few months I have been submitting my posts to various Link Ups, but as the number I contributed to grew, the harder it became for me to keep track of them. It was a challenge to not only remember when each one went live, but to remember if I went back and looked …

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Grow Your Blog with the International Bloggers Association

Do you want access to a library of information on running a successful blog? Do you have specific blogging questions and wish other bloggers would help you? Do you want to network with highly successful bloggers? Do you want other people sharing your posts and promoting your blog? Come join us at the International Bloggers …

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