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Facebook Share as Page Frustration

This is technically not a Facebook rant, but more of a head’s up to fellow users that have a “personal” page and “business” page I shared a number of things on my That Recipe page this week that never showed up on my page’s news feed. Recently they added the feature to choose between posting …

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Breaking up with a blogging group

Have you ever joined a blogging group that sounded like the perfect fit only to begin to wonder if you made a huge mistake? I am in the midst of that dilemma right now, and I only have a few days to make a decision. The group started with such promise. It sounded like a …

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Comment Conundrum

Last month I participated in a Comment Love group with a bunch of other bloggers. We had to visit 75 other sites and leave a comment on one of their posts – all to be done in one week. Of course it was scheduled for Valentine’s Week which is insane at my house with 2 birthdays …

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My BEST blogging tip EVER.

Wait two hours between writing and publishing. Yup, that’s it. Pretty simple isn’t it. I just spent 45 minutes on a post about my miserable day then immediately published it. Five minutes later I deleted it. It was the right decision. It was nothing more than a pity party. And if my husband had read it …

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Random thoughts on blog stats

I know I really shouldn’t care about blog statistics, mostly because I have yet to find a program that tells me the “truth”. But, I do occasionally take a peek and have come to realize a few things, particularly about the www.thatrecipe.com stats. First the challenge. If anyone has a solution I’d love to hear …

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I am decidedly “Un”trendy

Facebook mobile now has a trending now list like so many other websites (twitter, google, yahoo, blah blah blah). Yawn.  I am not sure when it started, I just noticed it yesterday. I don’t even look at those lists most of the time. Why? Because 95% of the time I have no idea who or what they …

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