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Christmas Tree Stair Riser Decor

Christmas Tree Stair Raiser Decoration - decorate your stair risers for the holiday with this easy to customize idea.

This Christmas Tree Stair Riser Decoration adds a festive touch to an often overlooked area..   I got the idea at Halloween from Hoosier Homemade. First I calculated the number of risers times my desired height. I went with a six inch height to give me a little room at the top and bottom. Multiply …

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2015 Ornament Exchange Link Party

Here it is after two awesome weeks of sharing: the Final Round Up of all the amazing ornaments exchanged this year in the 2015 Ornament Exchange. We’ve added all of the ornaments in the exchange to the Link Up below and we encourage you to share yours too. Welcome to the first 2015 Holiday Ornament …

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A Big Hug Card Craft for Kids

A Big Hug Card craft for kids

Last week, the father of my son’s aide passed away. In order to help my son learn empathy (a hard concept for any child, especially one with Autism), I decided he was going to make a card for her and have all of his classmates sign it. I didn’t want to get into the concept …

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Fun (and Frugal) Fall Banner

I have been spending so much time with my head in the computer I haven’t gotten my craft on in awhile. Last Sunday, I just got the yen to make something.   This is not really a tutorial on how to make this exact banner. I mean it to be more of an inspiration (and permission …

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Turkey in Disguise

The assignment: Use markers, crayons, material, etc. to make a disguise for this turkey so he won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving. The result: A mutant ninja turtle pizza chef complete with a double extra large pepperoni and mutagen pizza. Turkey? I don’t see a turkey? oooh! Pizza…. He did all of the work except for …

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Mini Mushroom Kingdom Garden for Your Yard

As I may have mentioned a few times, J has a slight obsession with Super Mario right now. He has also noticed me pinning cute pictures of Fairy Gardens and he immediately wanted one! So, I put the two together and came up with this Mini Mushroom Kingdom Garden. I also thought it would be …

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Just another Manic Monday

I am desperately trying NOT to let my son’s cold catch up to me. Sucking down some honey and ginger tea as I type and dutifully taking this every 4 hours. They aren’t sponsoring this post, I have just found it has helped me the last few times I felt the ticklings of a cold. …

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Playing school

Ever since we ran into one of J’s classmates at the library last week he has been ready to go back to school. I will admit, I am ready for him to go back too, but we have one more week to go. So the last few days we have been playing school. Today, our “centers” were …

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