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Caillou the Annoying memes plus Friday Frivolity

Our Friday Frivolity host theme this week is Kids TV Shows. There are so many ways I could have gone with this prompt: favorite, funny, best, memories. I have already talked about questions parents ask about Kids Shows and  how Curious George is leading my son astray. Today I chose to go with what may… Continue reading Caillou the Annoying memes plus Friday Frivolity

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Turkey in Disguise

The assignment: Use markers, crayons, material, etc. to make a disguise for this turkey so he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving. The result: A mutant ninja turtle pizza chef complete with a double extra large pepperoni and mutagen pizza. Turkey? I don't see a turkey? oooh! Pizza.... He did all of the work except for… Continue reading Turkey in Disguise

Random Thoughts

Sprouts Kindest Kid Contest.

Sprout TV, which airs 24-hour programming for children aged 2-7 years, is having a contest to find the Kindest Kid. Parents submitted their child's "act of kindness" then all entries were    "preliminarily judged by an independent, qualified judging organization, based on the following Judging Criteria: Impact the child’s kind act had on the community… Continue reading Sprouts Kindest Kid Contest.

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Are little white lies really bad?

Or, are they just a way for parents to keep their sanity sometimes?    We checked out Max's Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells from the library last week. And of course J now wants a chocolate chicken. The egg hunt I could easily set up since I still have lots of plastic eggs in the holiday… Continue reading Are little white lies really bad?

Odd thoughts I have when watching TV with my preschooler. Caillou, Curious George, Blues Clues, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
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Sometimes I wonder about Kids TV Shows

Am I the only parent (or grandparent, babysitter, or other adult role) whose mind starts to question things while watching shows with their children? To name a few: Curious George - cat and monkey wandering around the restaurant kitchen. Don't they have health laws in that city?!   Blues Clues - The cat, side table, mail box,… Continue reading Sometimes I wonder about Kids TV Shows