February Garden Update

I have been taking some time to focus on That Recipe lately so this blog has gotten neglected. But as it is the beginning of the month I needed to update my garden pictures. Even if no one else is interested this is going to be a good reference for me in the future. And… Continue reading February Garden Update


January Garden Update

Time for another update on the garden. While we aren't blanketed in a foot of snow like some of you in the East Coast (sorry to rub it in), the garden does look a little drab right now. Well, it did until I started looking closely. Not only are all the plants cut back around… Continue reading January Garden Update

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December Garden Update

Another month, another entry for my gardening calendar. It is amazing the difference a few hours can make this time of year. It was a brisk but beautiful sunny morning so we went outside early to play (J) and garden (me). I quickly took some quick pictures, emptied my compost bin and refilled it with… Continue reading December Garden Update


November Garden Update

The garden is in transition right now. Many of the natives are getting ready to start their growing since summer is more like winter elsewhere in that California natives go dormant in the summer to withstand the heat and lack of rainfall. Once the rains start, they start growing. I am switching the edible garden… Continue reading November Garden Update


September Garden Update

Ugh! Yech! Blah! When did I move from a beautiful sunny inland down with delightfully cooling ocean breezes coming through the mountain gaps every evening. To hot and humid disgustingness! I may as well be living in hurricane alley. Lest you think I am exaggerating about the weather, here is what happened to a cup… Continue reading September Garden Update


Bike Ride and garden update

I went for a quick ride this morning to buy the Sunday paper. I haven't been on the bike in over two months. And of course both tires needed air, sigh. I finally got on my way and boy did that feel ...weird! Look, no trailer! After dragging it (25 pounds) and, more often than not, J and… Continue reading Bike Ride and garden update