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Back for another round of NABLOPOMO.

Have I lost my mind to go back to trying to write a blog every day for the next month after 5 months off? Probably. But with my little guy back in school full time 5 days a week I hope I might have a bit more time than last year when he was out at …

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The secret to long life?

I got some advice from two nonagenarians this week about their secrets to a long life. Technically my father in law is only 89 1/2, but I say close enough.  And, if you met him you would be shocked that he is that old, he is still in fantastic shape. He had a heart attack 35 years ago, and besides a …

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OOps, stumbling a bit the last few days.

This was supposed to be a vacation week for us. Well, a vacation few days anyway. It is the one week between ending summer school and starting a new term for my husband. We planned to go away for a few days. But we delayed so long in picking some place that everything was pretty …

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Bike Ride and garden update

I went for a quick ride this morning to buy the Sunday paper. I haven’t been on the bike in over two months. And of course both tires needed air, sigh. I finally got on my way and boy did that feel …weird! Look, no trailer! After dragging it (25 pounds) and, more often than not, J and …

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It’s not me, it’s you.

We are done! It’s been coming for awhile, but as of today we are officially done! I am tired of your lies. Maybe you are just delusional, have a screw loose, a bad chip or something. But I am finally done playing this game with you. I know better than to believe what you tell me. …

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My weight loss secret

A lot of companies, and some individuals I know, want to convince you they have the secret formula to weight loss. This diet, this pill, this exercise, etc. I have news for you, there is only one way to lose weight: burn more calories than you consume. Now, how you go about it is a …

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