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Crazy Hairstyles: Princess Leia Edition – Friday Frivolity Linky Party

Crazy Hairstyles: Princess Leia's Buns - funny memes about Princess Leia's cinnamon bun hairstyle.

The Friday Frivolity host theme this week is Crazy Hairstyles. And who had a crazier hairstyle than the cinnamon bun sporting Princess herself, Leia Organa. Oh yes, I remember it well. I wanted to be Princess Leia so badly for Halloween 1976, like most other girls I imagine. Like most girls of that era, this …

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Thanks Mom!

The last time I colored my hair was before Thanksgiving, I think. The last time I had it cut was, uh, let me think, uh, sometime well before November. I vaguely remember I wanted to get it cut before Thanksgiving but there wasn’t time. There never seems to be time for me to get my hair …

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