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Having Some Fun with the Christmas Decorations

Storm Trooper on a Christmas Tree

It might be difficult for you to get into my house past the Ninja Turtles and Santa guarding the entrance way a la Home Alone… So, I offer you a sneak peek of some of my Christmas decorations this year. My amazing Godfather bought my son a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar this year. We …

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Mellow Christmas

Santa brought a bit more than expected last night. At 10:47 p.m. J woke up crying with a fever. Boo! Gave him a few ibuprofen and he went right back to sleep. Then at 4a.m. he woke up again and spent an hour chatting about Mario. Luckily, the fever seemed to have subsided. He finally …

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Trying to find perspective through flowers.

If you have ever been on the 5 Freeway between San Diego and Los Angeles in the springtime you probably have seen the blaze of color on the hills just to the east. The Flower Fields of Carlsbad. It has been on my “things I’d like to do list” ever since I first saw them …

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Legos make me laugh, and sometimes cry: Funny Lego Memes

This is the current state of the nexus of my downstairs floor  – Legos all over the floor right smack dab in the area that you must walk through to get between the kitchen, tv room and living room/ bath room/ front door: I just shuffle my feet when I walk through there, because I don’t …

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