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Lovely Love plus Friday Frivolity

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

Since everyone is celebrating the love of my life’s birthday this weekend, the Friday Frivolity crew is dedicating our posts to “LOVE”… Wait, you mean all of the hearts and flowers and pink and red everywhere are NOT for my husband’s birthday? Hmmph! to hear him tell it from the second that first Valentine’s Day …

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I am not waiting to celebrate Christmas

It's about the Memories not the gifts. Stop stressing about the perfect Christmas gift and spend time with your family instead.

Don’t let the stress of holiday preparations steal your Christmas joy. Make the preparations part of your celebration and enjoy all season long.

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Worse than the Man Flu

I love my husband. He is a wonderful, loving, intelligent well educated man. He is a great father to our 6 year old son. Unlike the stereotypical male, he does not wimp out when he gets sick. The man worked through walking pneumonia last year. But, when HIS son gets sick he instantly transforms into …

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"My" printer is out of black ink.

My darling husband informed me that my printer is running out of black ink. The last printer died so I carefully researched it and purchased a new one. Okay, so I walked down the aisle at mass merchant, saw one I’m my price range,verified it would do what I want then put it in the …

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Mommy Moral Dilemma

Friday is Apple Day in J’s kindergarten class. The kids are going to do a bunch of apple related activities, tasting, sorting, etc. Parents are invited to join in the festivities. My husband doesn’t have classes on Fridays. So it sounds like a no brainer for one or both of us to hang out with …

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