Murrieta, CA snow on Dec 31, 2014
Gardening, Photography

I am going to my happy place

Summer is unofficially over. Too bad no one told Mother Nature! Our 5 day forecast: UGH! It is so miserable out there my yard looks hot and tired. Which, for California native plants, is actually quite normal. They go dormant in the dry and heat. Come cooler wet weather they will perk up again. I am… Continue reading I am going to my happy place

Blogging and Social Media

My BEST blogging tip EVER.

Wait two hours between writing and publishing. Yup, that's it. Pretty simple isn't it. I just spent 45 minutes on a post about my miserable day then immediately published it. Five minutes later I deleted it. It was the right decision. It was nothing more than a pity party. And if my husband had read it… Continue reading My BEST blogging tip EVER.