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Turkey in Disguise

The assignment: Use markers, crayons, material, etc. to make a disguise for this turkey so he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving. The result: A mutant ninja turtle pizza chef complete with a double extra large pepperoni and mutagen pizza. Turkey? I don't see a turkey? oooh! Pizza.... He did all of the work except for… Continue reading Turkey in Disguise

Crafts and Sewing

A few fun uses for old Christmas Cards

I have saved all of my old Christmas cards for years, at least the tops of them, because I knew I could make something with them. To make my pile even larger, I also saved all of the business ones sent to the company I used to work for from our customers and suppliers. This… Continue reading A few fun uses for old Christmas Cards

Crafts and Sewing

Paper Bag/ Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

Here's a fun and easy upcycled craft using a simple toilet paper tube and paper bag. Older kids can handle it on their own while the younger set will need assistance with the assembly. You will need: toilet paper tube paper lunch-sized bag paint scrap red and yellow construction paper google eyes (or paint) stapler… Continue reading Paper Bag/ Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

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Christmas Decorations from Medicine Cup

Between J and my allergies, his sleep issues, and random colds here and there, we have a lot of these little cups. There is something about me that just hates to throw things away. I probably learned it from my mother who learned it from hers. "Maybe I can make something out of it." It drives my… Continue reading Christmas Decorations from Medicine Cup

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Used the third part of my grape plant – the vine!

For the first time since I planted them 7 years ago, I have used all three parts of my grape plants. In Spring it was Stuffed Grape Leaves In Summer it was raisins (the Thompsons) and Red Grape Lavender Jelly (with the red table grapes). Now that Fall is here it was time to cut… Continue reading Used the third part of my grape plant – the vine!

Crafts and Sewing

The Ubiquitous Hand Turkey

Making turkeys using your hand as a template in preschool/ early elementary is as much a part of the holiday as the bird itself on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. I love them, and I like to see the different ways people decorate them. In case you need some inspiration, here are some of ours… Continue reading The Ubiquitous Hand Turkey

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Summer Sensory Activities

Here are some fun Summer Sensory Activities to sneak in a little learning and sensory stimulation to those long hot summer days. Except for Swim School! We signed him up for a second session and probably will keep going all summer. He loves everything about it, especially Coach Gage! Probably because the very first thing… Continue reading Summer Sensory Activities