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Nine of the Funniest Letters Forged by Kids

Nine Funny Letters Forged by Kids - parenting humor,

September 1st is World Letter Writing Day. You know I keep up on all of these vitally important holidays. Since it is also Back to School time in most areas I decided to join the two and share some of the funniest letters forged by kids for our Friday Frivolity Host Letter Writing theme. Technically …

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10 Non-Character Backpacks for Under $25 plus Back to School Giveaway

10 Stylish Non-Character Backpacks for under $25. Back to School. Frugal shopping guide. Cash giveaway.

Elementary kids want to have the “cool” back pack, which usually means their favorite TV or movie characters. Some parents object to spending money for their kid to be a walking billboard. And by the time they are in middle and high school, princesses and super heroes are lame, childish, passe, or whatever term the …

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Get your Geek On with “Sum” Math Puns plus Friday Frivolity

Math puns - a collection of funny mathematics puns. humor, geek humor, jokes. geometry, algebra, calculus.

I love a good pun, and have quite an extensive collection of punny memes. There were so many ways I could pare down my collection to share with you for the Friday Frivolity Host theme of “puns”. Since school starts in 6 days, and I am a geek at heart, I decided on a Back …

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Cheap and Easy Ways to Commemorate the School Years

Ways to Memorialize the school years

Super Moms have been pinning and planning since their child’s birth for ways to mark their child’s passage through school. Some plans are quite elaborate and expensive. Me? not so much. Truthfully, his first day of preschool I didn’t even think to take a picture before school. Sorry, kid! I wish someone had given me …

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Turkey in Disguise

The assignment: Use markers, crayons, material, etc. to make a disguise for this turkey so he won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving. The result: A mutant ninja turtle pizza chef complete with a double extra large pepperoni and mutagen pizza. Turkey? I don’t see a turkey? oooh! Pizza…. He did all of the work except for …

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Quick memo to my son’s teachers

For future reference, this is not how I sign (or spell) my name. Just in case you couldn’t tell the difference. Even funnier, he was really good this week so there wouldn’t have been a need to hide this report from me. And even funnier, when I asked him about it he announced “That’s wrong!” …

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The hardest and most important part of parenting

I hate having to punish my child

Being a parent can be downright unpleasant at times. From pregnancy and child birth, to diaper changes and sleepless nights, to cleaning up vomit and other gross messes. But for me, the most unpleasant is having to punish my son.   I guess I should say “give him negative consequences for his behavior”. We don’t …

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We are lucky to have a child in Special Education

I feel a little sorry for parents with “normal” kids. They don’t get to go through all of the surveys and tests and meetings to learn all about their child’s strengths and weaknesses in the academic environment. At best they get a few minutes during conferences to speak one on one with the teacher. Meanwhile, …

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