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Get the Most From Your Garden with Online Gardening Classes

online gardening classes

Take an online gardening class to improve the look and yield of your edible garden. Tips for small space gardening, year round harvests, garden design composting and more.

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September Garden Update

I have been sneaking out early in the morning to get a little work done in the garden because it is still hot here by 10 a.m. And with Hurricane Norbert heading north it is going to be pretty humid for the next few days. Fingers crossed that it will bring us some desperately needed …

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May 2014 Garden Update

This is a busy beautiful time in my yard. I got the lawn organically treated a few weeks ago and I finally trimmed the monster tree in the front yard – I wasn’t spending $250! M is still not thrilled the roots of the tree are breaking through the grass, but now that the lawn …

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April Garden Update

I have been busy busy busy in the garden, hence there haven’t been many blogs the last month. The pile of dead grass is gone and the space leveled. The freesias and plum tree are done blooming for the year, but there are so many beautiful and exciting things happening in the rest of the …

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Garden Update for March

I know most of you are laughing at us here in California for a paltry 5″ of rain in one weekend. But for us that is a lot. While we needed it desperately, we didn’t need it all at once. If that was spread out over a few weeks or even a month it would …

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February Garden Update

I have been taking some time to focus on That Recipe lately so this blog has gotten neglected. But as it is the beginning of the month I needed to update my garden pictures. Even if no one else is interested this is going to be a good reference for me in the future. And …

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January Garden Update

Time for another update on the garden. While we aren’t blanketed in a foot of snow like some of you in the East Coast (sorry to rub it in), the garden does look a little drab right now. Well, it did until I started looking closely. Not only are all the plants cut back around …

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November Garden Update

The garden is in transition right now. Many of the natives are getting ready to start their growing since summer is more like winter elsewhere in that California natives go dormant in the summer to withstand the heat and lack of rainfall. Once the rains start, they start growing. I am switching the edible garden …

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