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What Non-EU Consumers Should Know About the GDPR

woman shopping on computer with text "What Consumers should know about the new GDPR even if they live outside of the EU."

What internet users should know about the new GDPR even if they live outside of the EU. #onlineshopping #onlinesafety

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We will be closed for Labor Day

This week I have: installed service pack 1 on my computer without Windows Update installed 10 important updates on my husband’s computer one at a time installed needed updates on the rarely used desktop purchased and set up 2 smart phones purchased and installed the new printer to work wirelessly on all of the above. …

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Do you have to obnoxious to own an Apple product?

I spent the better part of my day trying to figure out how to get my Windows 7 computer to install Service Pack 1 and all of the updates including Internet Explorer 10. The directions on Microsoft’s website left something to be desired, but I eventually figured it out with some help from a few third party …

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Maslow’s NEW Hierarchy of Needs

If you aren’t familiar Maslow’s Hierarchy, he basically theorized that humans spend their time and effort on achieving a list of needs starting at the bottom and moving up. Starving artists may disagree, but you can’t worry about creativity and self fulfilment if your belly isn’t full.     A former co-worker, our IT guy, posted this …

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