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Our Favorite YouTube Gamers, Mom and Son Review

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6 Family Friendly YouTube Gamers reviewed by a mother and her 4th grader son. #youtube #videogames #parenting

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What Do You Know About the Air Temple?

8 hidden chests 8 Momo objects 5 set items 10 quests 6 areas That’s what you know about the Air Temple. -a guest post by my 6 year old about the game Avatar: The Last Airbender And know we are off to play a little. Have an awesome Sunday! Related Post Light It Up Blue …

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Mellow Christmas

Santa brought a bit more than expected last night. At 10:47 p.m. J woke up crying with a fever. Boo! Gave him a few ibuprofen and he went right back to sleep. Then at 4a.m. he woke up again and spent an hour chatting about Mario. Luckily, the fever seemed to have subsided. He finally …

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Does anyone know if…

Does anyone know if Alien Slime comes out of… Spiky Koopa Shells? Mustaches?  Princess dresses? Duck Cloth upholstered chairs?  (and most importantly) 2012 World Series Championship Gear? Guess it is time to call… (oh, c’mon, you had to see that one coming three pictures ago). Related Post How do you explain 9/11 to your children? …

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RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

My husband and son are currently on the couch playing Super Luigi U right now instead of doing something more productive like working or reading or resting. My husband’s comment when he turned it on, “I am playing out of respect. Yamauchi passed away today.” And I immediately understood. Hirochi Yamauchi was the President of …

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Nerd amplified

My poor son. His Mommy is a nerd.  Not exactly like this though. I have never gotten into Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.  No my kid has it worse. His Mommy (and Daddy) like video games. As if he doesn’t have enough trouble communicating and relating to his peers. Instead of playing Cars or …

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