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You might be a swimmer if... Funny Swimming Memes plus Friday Frivolity

For those of you that haven't heard, there is a little sporting even going on in Rio de Janeiro right now called the Summer Olympic Games. So, the Fantastic Five Friday Frivolity hosts chose it as our theme this week.  I could have written a rant about the time-delayed commercial riddled misogynistic NBC television coverage. Instead I relied on the hours and hours and hours and hours marinading in chlorinated water as a competitive swimmer in my youth and had some fun with these funny swimming memes.

Fair warning, some of these might not make much sense to the general public (kind of like my Math Puns last week). But swimmers will nod their head and laugh. Share them with a swimmer you love today. 🙂


First let's start with the sadistic coaches. Kidding, I liked my coaches. Well most of them.

Especially for those of us that need corrective lenses outside of the pool.


Swimmers with indoor pools may not get this one. Here in California, with practice outdoors, we swam in all weather (the pool is heated you'll warm up once you start moving, are you afraid of getting wet?, oh, that lightening is way over there, etc.)


If you can still walk after practice I haven't done my job.


Let's do this grueling set FIVE TIMES... as a warm up. Noooooooooo!


If only this were true I might have actually been decent at backstroke.

There are some universal truths about all swimmers

to this very day...
All that work the coaches made us do sent our metabolism skyrocketing.
You can try, but you will sink like a stone.
Every. Single. Time.
Substitute "thinking about homework" for "in the zone right now" and this is spot on.


Best day of practice besides the ultra-rare Sharks and Minnows days.

And then comes race day

I see spaces between swimmers - probably just a dual meet.
There is no video evidence that I ever made an illegal turn on race day (in the very first turn of a 400 IM). But, luckily for Cammile Adams they now have it.
Ha ha! I don't know why we do it, we just do.
Perspective: it takes 300 milliseconds to blink your eye. Michael Phelps won gold in the 200 Fly by 40 milliseconds.

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