About Me

Audrey Humaciu 2015My name is Audrey Humaciu, born in Northern California and transplanted to SoCal when I met a cute boy at Whittier College and decided not to go back north. I am a wife and mother and currently blogging is my “day job”.
I started blogging over on That Recipe, a site created by my mother. I took it over in 2010 and added a blog. This space is ALL MINE and reserved for me to write about anything that I feel may be interesting to someone such as:

  • crafts
  • gardening
  • parenting
  • special needs parenting
  • genealogy and family stories
  • fitness
  • photography
  • humor
  • friendship
  • the weather
  • the need for concrete objectives in Common Core for Underwater Basketweaving

Sarcasm will probably be involved…



Munofore Policy for All Posts

  • We will include FTC disclosure on all posts for which we receive compensation  (sponsored posts, paid guest posts, reviews, etc.). This is non-negotiable.  Acceptable disclosures include, but are not limited to, “sponsored by…,”      “brought to you by…” and “brought to you in partnership with…”
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Services offered by Munofore include, but are not limited to:


  • I welcome the opportunity to try out new products and review them for my readers.
  • I will only review products that I genuinely like and would feel comfortable promoting to my readers.
  • Product reviews  are FREE as long as we receive a full-size product to use and review,  with the sender paying all shipping costs.
  • Products sent for review will NOT be returned.
  • I post reviews 2-4 weeks after receiving the product, unless the product requires long-term use prior to review, or a specific post date is agreed upon prior to receipt of the product.
  • Written reviews will include a link to your website and may include images.


  • A giveaway can be done alone or paired with a product review.
  • I prefer giveaway values of $25 or more, buy may consider giveaways of less value.
  • I will not ship products to the winner. You are responsible for shipping all products in a timely fashion.

Sponsored Posts

  • I may consider sponsored posts for your business or product – please contact me at Audrey at Munofore dot com to determine if this would be a good fit for both of us.