Trying to find perspective through flowers.

If you have ever been on the 5 Freeway between San Diego and Los Angeles in the springtime you probably have seen the blaze of color on the hills just to the east. The Flower Fields of Carlsbad. It has been on my “things I’d like to do list” ever since I first saw them decades ago. I finally got my wish on Friday night as we snuck away for a quick overnight at Legoland “Cali-A-fornia” as J calls it.

First stop: Legoland for a quick run through 90 minutes before closing.

 A spider almost 6 feet across! If it wasn’t made of plastic blocks I’d have passed out.


The very first thing Knight J wanted to do was hop on
his trusty steed for a Royal Joust.


And then it was WATER WORLD time with Daddy!!!
In case any future Darwin Award nominees were thinking of diving
in to the 0ft 0in water on the edge of the pool.
Then we went across the street to our hotel, the boys went swimming while I stopped to snap a few pictures on the walkway overlooking the Ranunculus fields.
A wide shot just to put things in perspective.


And now lets take out the perspective.



Pea Soup Anderson’s windmill in the background.
If you zoom in closely you can see the white and red blooms in the purple band. These are “weeds”. Even in something this beautiful, there are a few weeds that can distort the overall picture. But there are only a few. And if you look at the big picture, you see the beauty and not the ugliness. It can be challenging to do in life, especially after events like the bombings at the Boston Marathon.


God Bless America!


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