Sometimes I wonder about Kids TV Shows

Am I the only parent (or grandparent, babysitter, or other adult role) whose mind starts to question things while watching shows with their children?

Odd thoughts I have when watching tv with my preschooler

To name a few:

  • Curious George – cat and monkey wandering around the restaurant kitchen. Don’t they have health laws in that city?!


  • Blues Clues – The cat, side table, mail box, shovel, pail, alarm clock, salt and pepper shakers and even the bar of soap can all talk, but the dogs can’t.


  • Thomas and Friends – Why do the engines always get in trouble? They all have drivers, what do they do up there, just ride around all day?


  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Have these hard economic times hit the Land of Make Believe so bad that King Friday XIII has to have his oldest son, Prince Tuesday, work as a waiter, babysitter and crossing guard? Maybe he is just letting the boy experience being a commoner.


  • The Chica Show – Mom and Dad not only talk, they sing and dance. Chica squeaks. Might be time to consider some speech therapy. Except I can understand her perfectly, which is kind of scary.


  • The Sunshine Barn – What happened to Kevin?


  • Caillou – His mother may just be the laziest person on tv. She drives him to preschool everyday, yet Miss Martin walks the entire class to his house so they can do a puppet show through the window (hope she had signed permission slips). And she has to take the subway to Clementine’s house yet Clementine’s mother walks all of the kids back to Caillou’s house in another episode.


  • Franny’s Feet – Grandpa watches little girl in his shoe repair shop during the day. She puts on the customer’s shoes and is transported somewhere else in every episode! Uh, may be time to consider other child care arrangements.


  • Bubble Guppies – They live underwater, they have flippers for legs and swim everywhere, their teacher is a fish. Why do they need a fire department? Couldn’t Gil just have swum up and gotten Bubble Puppy down from the tree?


  • Backyardigans – Penguin, Moose, Hippo, Kangaroo and ?? what kind of animal is Uniqua?


  • Max and Ruby – WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!


  • Diego – If you tell me to get up one more time I might have to patear la televisión


  • Yo Gabba Gabba – Where is the ibuprofen? extra strength.


Maybe it’s just me…..

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  1. It is so funny that a lot of your thoughts I have had as well. All I could come up with is that our kids have great imaginations and don't question it.

  1. […] I could have gone with this prompt: favorite, funny, best, memories. I have already talked about questions parents ask about Kids Shows and  how Curious George is leading my son astray. Today I chose to go with what may be the most […]

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