Having Some Fun with the Christmas Decorations

It might be difficult for you to get into my house past the Ninja Turtles and Santa guarding the entrance way a la Home Alone…

Lego figures guarding a doorway

So, I offer you a sneak peek of some of my Christmas decorations this year.

My amazing Godfather bought my son a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar this year. We set it up next to the nativity set we bought him to play with years ago.

Christmas Decorations

All of that birthing and walking and shepherding can really take it out of you, so everyone needs to lie down and take a nap… every night…

This morning the Storm Trooper climbed on top of the Christmas Tree.

Perhaps he was just trying to imitate Mikey atop our 7 foot tree. The egg beneath him was hand carried by my mother-in-law from a ChristKindl market years ago. He also scaled passed several other highly breakable ornaments to reach the top.

Oh I..I…I…I wanna be like Mike… wanna be like Mike…


And some people wonder why we do not have an Elf on the Shelf (do not touch? ha ha ha ha ha!)


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  1. Love your decorations! May not be House Beautiful style, but they sure are Family Life Beautiful! 🙂

    PLUS you’re ready to fight off any onslaught of clumsy bad guys. That’s priceless.

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