Heart Box for Daddy

The day after I started thinking about what I could have J make his Daddy for his birthday/St. Valentine’s Day, I saw this post on Doodles and Jots for making your own heart shaped box out of a cereal box.

How cute is that?!
I ended up doing ours slightly differently because I wanted J’s help and I really didn’t want to deal with paint.

Homemade Heart Box

  • I cut up the cereal box into 2 big rectangles and strips then let him glue on the construction paper.
  • Then I made a heart shaped template and “we” traced two big hearts on the two big pieces of the box and let him cut them out (I “fixed” it when he wasn’t looking).
  • Then I cut my template down about 1/4 inch and traced it on the bottom, lined up the strips for the sides along the line and using a glue gun put a bead of glue on both sides.
  • I cut the template down another 1/4 inch or so, flipped over the top and glued smaller strips along the traced line to make a lid that would fit inside the bottom.
  • I let J go to town with markers and stickers to finish decorating
  • fill with ? I haven’t decided yet. We’ll make some kind of cookies of brownies closer to his birthday

If I happen to ask where I stashed it in a few weeks, just remind me it is in the room Daddy rarely enters.

And in case you didn’t know, I handled the glue gun when he wasn’t around because:

That stuff is dangerous! Luckily it was my left index finger instead of my right clicking finger.

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  1. Looks great, bet Dad will love it!! Oh and yep done that with the hot glue gun too!

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