Planting time!

Today is just too beautiful of a day here in my area to spend it on the computer.

The boss and I will start these seeds indoors as soon as he is finished with snack and maybe go to “the flower store” (aka Lowes) to get the potting soil and hardware for the raised bed and milk crate planters I am going to try this year.

I’ll go ahead and get the green bean seeds but will have to wait a week for the inoculent to get here. I hope that will be the answer to the problem I have had getting them to actually produce beans for the last five years. From what I have read I have lots of nitrogen in the soil, but no bacteria to help the plant absorb it. Dipping the seeds in the bacteria before planting is supposed to do the trick. I wouldn’t try again, but it is one of two things my husband asks me to grow along with watermelon.

J is also asking to plant beets, I have no idea why, but they are easy to grow. If he won’t eat them I can always make red velvet cupcakes or beet ricotta pancakes or pickle them and send them to my brother and his wife.

That’s all I have planned so far, not counting the strawberries and garlic I found still alive in the old raised bed and put in pots and the periennials that should start coming back soon (grapes and asparagus).

Hope you are having a relaxing Saturday. And I will take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy it doubly for those of you snowbound folks. 😉

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  1. I usual start my planting here Mother's Day weekend. I start the clean up in late March when it is a bit warmer (today it is soaking rain..) I loved growing strawberries, but I had such a hard time keeping them from getting eaten before they were ripe by the critters and birds. I love growing beans too!

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