Love my Easter Egg Hunting Yard

When the landscapers were putting the finishing touches on our native landscape, we found out J was on the way. For a moment M and I regretted removing all of the grass in the backyard. Then we looked at each other and said in unison “Easter Egg Hunts!” It is perfect for them. Here are a few photos of the one we had yesterday.

They all seemed to have fun, and after finding all the eggs and trading the stickers stuffed inside, they had races around the paths.

And when they got tired and hot from that, they cooled off by soaking their feet in the pond and trying to spot the goldfish.

And while it is quite a bit of work to trim everything back in the winter, when my neighbors are busying themselves mowing their lawns every week, I am enjoying a cool (or warm, depending on the season) drink while sitting by the pond listening to the waterfall and watching all the birds and lizards enjoy themselves throughout the yard.

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  1. You have the best Easter egg hunting yard! Why is Easter only once a year?

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