Spring Break Sanity Saver

The end is in sight, and I have a bad case of STA (short-timers attitude). As I type there is a trampoline in my living room, legos on the floor, magnetic letters scattered across the table and various other toys and dress up clothes scattered from one end of the floor to the other downstairs. I don’t even want to look upstairs.

I am beat and as long as he wasn’t destroying the house he got to do what he wanted without (too much) nagging from me today.

Until he started whining, incessantly, over something ridiculous. So ridiculous I don’t even remember what it was. So I dug down deep into my bag of tricks which is almost empty after two weeks and then remembered I had the stuff to make Play Clay.

I split the recipe in thirds (ish) before adding the coloring so I could get three colors. All we have on hand is regular liquid food dye, and I added a bunch.

And of course with red, yellow and blue you can make secondary colors and mix in a science (or is it art) lesson on color mixing.

Yeah, I know they aren’t in the right order. You try to stage a photo while an almost 5 year old is grabbing your props away from you. Enough learnin’ kid, go play!

He started with some basic rolling and cutting. And then decided the Cars needed to play.


“Lightening and Mater go through the mud, then the rocks, then the volcano to get to the tower in Paris to see Finn.” I did not know there was a volcano in Paris, did you?

Meanwhile Mommy made this truly awe inspiring ultra realistic blue bunny.

Is anyone else craving ice cream now? Bourdeaux Cherry and Chocolate for me.

I know you are thinking my sculpting skills are as incredible as my drawing skills. I promise to let you know when MoMA and I work out the details for an exhibit.

Meanwhile, my son keeps me humble.

Me: What did I make?
J: Uh, a snail?
Me: Ouch!

So, was the hour of whine free quiet occupy himself play time worth all of this mess?

If you have to ask you either are not a parent or you are Super Mom (or Dad) with patience of steel. I am not. That quiet hour is the only reason I am not calling Margarita Momma right now to see how soon they can deliver.

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  1. I used to hate spring break. Even one week for a child accustomed to having his week days scheduled is too long!

  2. Play dough is so much fun, even more so when you make it yourself. Thanks for sharing at FTAF. The next spring break is coming up… what will you do this year?? 😉
    I’ll be making a Spring Break Shuffle at least one of the days. I do a word doc with activities in squares. Think, bingo board type layout. Anyway it’ll say things like, play a board game, read for 30 min, do a puzzle, etc. I usually have about 9 activities. Sometimes I’ll give them a little treat when they finish their shuffle.

    1. Thanks, Chellie. I haven’t even thought about this year’s Spring Break to be honest.

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