More garden pictures

I am lazy, and tired and my garden is actually doing amazingly well right now, so it is picture post time again! Plus this helps me log my progress for next year.

 I had given up hope on my asparagus coming up this year,
then lo and behold look who decided to show up after all.
 Oooh! a cute little baby artichoke!
And a cute little baby watermelon.
 Oh my, could those be actual blossoms on my green bean plants?
Could I actually get my garden to produce green beans?
I need to sit down before I faint!

 I planted some old seeds (packaged for 2011) and all of them have germinated.
This is a black zucchini. Also eggplant and some banana peppers.

The beets’ leaves are so big I can’t water them, so I plucked one or two leaves off of each plant. I gave some to my MIL and sauteed a few with some garlic jelly for me. YUM!!
And here are the dolmades I made with the leaves I pruned off the grape vines
that were blocking the baby grapes from getting full sun.
The recipe is over on That Recipe (my other site).

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