Garden is looking great

I have been a neglectful blogger because I have been enjoying my garden.
You know what that means PICTURE POST TIME!!!
Eggplant on the left, green beans and tomatoes on the right.

Not quite ready for a sandwich yet, but maybe fried green tomatoes?

Oh wow! I actually grew green beans!!! The inoculant definately worked.


Baby Zucchini grow faster please, I have a new recipe to try! 

Trellised watermelon, lush and producing three beauties so far (hopefully a few more). I put some of those panty hose to good use that have just been sitting in my drawer since I left office work.


Hello, asparagus plant #3! I had given hope that you would pop up this year.

Sunflowers aren’t reaching the sky yet, but at least the snails didn’t eat all of the sproutlets this year.


And a break from all of that green, here’s a little red. I ate the greens for dinner last night (with a little sauteed onion and bacon bits) and I am going to pickle these for my sister-in-law’s birthday present. All my brother is getting her is a new phone – psh!

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  1. Wow, your garden is so far ahead of mine here in NYC. We have been getting driving rain, so things are so far behind compared to last year. Your beets look amazing. I didn't know you could grow Watermelons with a trellis! How very cool! Love learning from my fellow bloggers!

  2. But in July and August, I will need to water twice a day to beat the heat, especially in the containers. We rarely get rain past May here.

    The watermelons on a trellis idea worked out great! They are now taking up only a square foot each of ground space each! You just have to make slings for the fruit like I did (old t-shirts, panty hose, mesh, etc.)

    I didn't show the photo I have of having to stake the trellis on the other side because all the fruit is bunched together. 🙂

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