Repurposed Bike Trailer

After almost two years of use trucking J back and forth to preschool the trailer is now officially retired!

A gold watch, get it?

He was a bit over the size limit on it anyway, and I don’t plan on going anywhere that he won’t be able to walk or ride his own bike when we don’t have the car. I also still have the one that got hit by a car, though it obviously doesn’t have wheels anymore.

One is wheel-less and the other is well used so I didn’t want to mess with trying to sell them or even give them away. Instead I came up with these two ideas for repurposing them.

The toy holder:

The wagon/ play shopping cart/ clean up assistant cart:

I figure we will be able to use both for years to come. Even when J has outgrown playing grocery store I’ll be able to use it as a garden cart. And I am sure we will always have “junk” that needs a place to be stored in the garage.

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  1. Great ideas!

  2. Love it! We sold ours once the kids outgrew it.


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