July Garden Pictures

Happy 4th of July. If you are outside of the United States it is business as usual for you. Here in the US of A it is a pretty big deal. Parades, barbecues, fireworks. Not for us though. We don’t enjoy crowds and anywhere we’d like to go will be packed today. I might look out the upstairs windows at the big fireworks displays at the neighboring cities. Our city had them Saturday night for the city’s birthday celebration.

It is illegal to set off fireworks on your own, even Safe and Sane ones. But that hasn’t stopped some of my neighbors every year. Last year my backyard was littered with spent bottle rockets. Grr! I watered well this morning and have the hoses out, just in case.

Considering it is officially a holiday (no such thing to a stay at home mom), today is going to be a gardening picture post! If you are new to my blog, I am occassionally using it as a gardening notebook so I can remember what I did and how the garden looked each month.

Before I get to the meat and potatoes, er, I mean fruits and vegetables of my garden. A quick word about my California Natives. One reason some people are not fond of California Native plants in their gardens is the mistaken impression that their garden will look dead in the summer time. For the plants here it is like winter in colder climes. Many plants go dormant because of the heat and lack of water. The sages and lilacs look a little tired, but they will be back. In the mean time, summer brings out the blooms on one of my favorite plants.

Zauschneria californica, aka Hummingbird Fuchsia. It has beautiful silver green foliage and when summer hits it is covered in beautifully irresistable red trumpet flowers. Irresistable to hummingbirds anyways.

On to the edibles…

Beautiful eggplant flower

 Vicious eggplant thorns! Yeouch! I have bumped into these beauties a few times while watering.
The beets have been harvested and given away (including Spicy Pickled Beets for my sister in law’s birthday). Pumpkins and a second try at peppers have taken their place.
 Big and Early tomatoes I grew from seed. Almost ripe. 

Red Table Grapes almost ripe.
 Small watermelon, not ripe, but fell out of its sling and broke off the vine.
It became a small batch of Watermelon Rind Preserves today.

 Sunflowers are about 2 -3 feet tall now.

 I harvested one artichoke and let this one bloom. In a day or two I will cut and dry it.

And finally, my elephant garlic harvest!

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