Bike Ride and garden update

I went for a quick ride this morning to buy the Sunday paper. I haven’t been on the bike in over two months. And of course both tires needed air, sigh. I finally got on my way and boy did that feel …weird!

Look, no trailer! After dragging it (25 pounds) and, more often than not, J and our stuff (another 40-50 pounds) behind me for the better part of two years I had a hard time feeling comfortable. But did I ever sail over that hill that I used to struggle up every day.

The garden is looking pretty tired right now. My summer edibles are nearing the end of their production and the California natives look a bit scrawny – totally normal for them this time of year. Not sure what fall plants I am going to put in, beets, carrots, arugula and lettuce, other than that I don’t know.

Bitter disappointment – doesn’t look like the peppers or the pumpkins want to grow.
 Happy Happy – the sunflowers are starting to bloom and a few have grown as tall as the fence.
Probably the last two zucchini of the year.
Planted this eggplant on a whim and I love every thing about it except those vicious thorns.
Yeah! Still have green beans coming. I actually grew them this year!!!
 Surprise! One tiny little pomegranate is hanging on. I found out it isn’t supposed to start producing fruit until next year, so this is another happy happy!
A tiny little zinnia.
 The lilies are still blooming, just closed up for sunset.
An experiment. Hopefully in about 3-5 weeks these will be rooted plants instead of dead cuttings in rooting medium. I am trying to propagate 3 different kinds of my native plants to fill in some bare spots. Lilac in the foreground, manzanita in the back on the left and 2 kinds of sage on the back right.

And finally, I ran spell check on this like I always try to do and blogger made the following suggestion for manzanita:

That’s just so wrong. If you know anything about Monsanto and large agro business at all,
you can probably guess I am not a big fan of said company, its products or its business practices.

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