I am decidedly “Un”trendy

Facebook mobile now has a trending now list like so many other websites (twitter, google, yahoo, blah blah blah). Yawn.

 I am not sure when it started, I just noticed it yesterday. I don’t even look at those lists most of the time. Why? Because 95% of the time I have no idea who or what they are talking about.

  • some soccer team I have never heard of (I actually clicked on one yesterday to find out what it was)
  • the latest celeb du jour. I don’t go to the movies or listen to popular music and the only tv I watch is preschooler stuff. I never have any idea who these people or shows/movies/songs are. And even if I did, I am not sure I would care about their latest issues.
  • the latest gotta have gadget. I am a very slow adopter, the trendier it is, the less likely I am to be interested.
  • alliteration overload! Meatless Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, yada yada yada. Is it okay for me to post a vegetarian dish on a Tuesday? Can I do a picture post on Saturday?

I admit that one trend caught my eye yesterday – Cal State East Bay. Those of us that grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly the East Bay, know this institution as Cal State Hayward – jokingly referred to by many as “Harvard on the hill” because it is located on a hill with one 13 story building in particular quite visible for miles around. Until yesterday, when said building was imploded because it was “seismically unfit”.

But for the most part, I just scroll right on through the current “trends”. I suppose as a blogger I should pay more attention and try to tie in to the trends. But, for some reason it goes against my very nature. How about you? Do you click the trends list? Do you use it in promoting your blog?

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