Keep Trying Facebook

I have noticed Facebook has been trying to get me to like pages similar to ones I already like. Some are fairly similar to the original page like this one:

A radio station and another local newspaper: totally makes sense. Then there’s these that just have my head scratching:

How does Long Island Medium fit in this mix? And, sheesh, How does she have more like than those top name chefs?!

The original page is a memorial page for the daughter of a dear friend of mine that passed away from Ewing’s Sarcoma last year shortly after her 16th Birthday. Sourdough Sam is the 49ers mascot that most true 49er fans (like me!) wish would go far far far away. Mascots in pro sports are ridiculous. Leave it to the colleges. Or at least the Triple A teams. The only link here is I believe Zoe did like the Niners.

A rock band and the local school district. Oh, yeah, those two are very similar. ha ha!
Keep trying Facebook, keep trying.

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