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I know I really shouldn’t care about blog statistics, mostly because I have yet to find a program that tells me the “truth”. But, I do occasionally take a peek and have come to realize a few things, particularly about the www.thatrecipe.com stats.

First the challenge. If anyone has a solution I’d love to hear it. That Recipe is a hybrid. It was created with Yahoo Site Builder and has a WordPress blog as the main page. Yahoo tracks the site Builder pages, and I think I have the right widgets so it is now tracking the blog too. But WordPress pretty much only tracks the WP pages. Ditto for Google Analytics. Short of going back and putting some code on every one of the already created Site Builder pages (and there are a lot), I do not know how to get an accurate portrayal of what is going on.

Why do I care? Well, if people like a certain topic or are finding the page through certain social media or search engines I want to do more of that. So if you have any suggestions, I am willing to listen. If you are selling me anything the answer is NO!

Blogger stats pretty much tells me what I need to know for this blog. Which is spammers seem to love the blog on My “If You Give a Mom a Muffin Kind of Morning“. Not sure why, but that blog generates the most spam comments, all of which never see the light of day. Second would be the Daniel Tiger’s Trolley PJ’s. I am sure that is because the blog comes up pretty quickly on a search because PBS hasn’t seen fit to make them yet, even though little fans of the show would love them (hint hint)!

Over on That Recipe, Daniel Tiger makes another appearance for a popular blog topic, this one for Banana Swirl Ice Cream. I don’t get it. People really need to search for the recipe for that? They tell you how to make it in the episode! Eh, who am I to argue. I can tell when the episode airs because I get a little traffic spike.

But not like I get when the infamous Bell Pepper Gender meme starts circulating through social media again. Must have been floating around yesterday:

I guess I should be happy people are looking it up instead of blindly believing and reposting it.

A few things I have figured out in regards to Social Media. I am a Twitter flop! Probably because I really don’t have a feel for how to use it to bring people to the site. Truthfully, I have little interest in figuring it out and that probably shows. Facebook does well, but most of it is family and friends. The real traffic generator for me is Pinterest. Which makes perfect sense: recipes, gardening, pictures etc. It is a good fit. I just need to figure out how to get the “pin it” button to work on the Site Builder pages. I might have to ask Pinterest support for some ideas because the standard directions aren’t working.

In case you were wondering, hands down, the two most popular pins are Asparagus Beef and Peach Cobbler. Not sure why people like them so much, both recipes are delicious, but so are the others. No idea why these are singled out.

That’s pretty much all I have today. Except, I finally got around to putting in Comment Luv on both sites. So if you have a blog, you can leave a comment and it should post a link to your most recent blog post. Kind of cool, huh?

I am going to wrap up this boring blog now, and shut my eyes for a bit. Hopefully the headache will go away.

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