Paper Bag/ Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

Here’s a fun and easy upcycled craft using a simple toilet paper tube and paper bag. Older kids can handle it on their own while the younger set will need assistance with the assembly.

You will need:
toilet paper tube
paper lunch-sized bag
scrap red and yellow construction paper
google eyes (or paint)
stapler or paper clip
penny, washer, paper clip (optional) and a piece of tape

Step 1 – Open up the bag by cutting along the seam and cutting off the bottom.

Step 2 – Paint the bag (tail feathers) and toilet paper tube (body) any way you want. J was in his “mix all of the colors together” stage when we made it a few years ago. Let dry completely.

Step 3 – Cut a small yellow triangle to make the beak and a red squiggle to make the wattle. If you want the wattle to be 3D and stick out from the turkey fold a thin strip on the straight side for gluing. Fold over the top corner of the body to make the head, glue on eyes, beak and wattle.

Step 4 – Cut long strips about 2/3rds of the way down the bag to make the feathers. Scrunch the bottom portion, stuff it into the bottom of the body and staple or paper clip.

view from back
view from inside

Step 5 – (optional) To prevent the turkey from tipping backwards tape a penny, washer, paper clip, etc. to the inside front of the body to balance the weight of the tail. Or prop it up against something like I do 🙂

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