The Ubiquitous Hand Turkey

Making turkeys using your hand as a template in preschool/ early elementary is as much a part of the holiday as the bird itself on the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

I love them, and I like to see the different ways people decorate them. In case you need some inspiration, here are some of ours through the years:

2010 – J was 2. I traced his hand one time on cardstock and used as a template. The turkeys themselves were cut from a paper bag, decorated with shapes I cut from scraps of construction paper and he glued on a used paper plate with the middle (used part) cut out. Aside from the glue, scissors and dots of ink this was 100% recycled.

2011 – His first year of preschool. This one is laminated so he could use it as a placemat.

2012 – Preschool year two – crinkled wads of tissue paper decorate this one and he had to trace the letters that his teacher had written

2013 – He made this calendar at school. I was Mommy helper for the calendar writing part :). They had to fill in the missing numbers then trace them again in a pattern of their choice. J chose an ABCD pattern. I know we need to work on coloring in the lines, but in his defense everyone else’s was the same because they were told they could have computer time as soon as they were done – ha ha!

This one we made at home. This little dog has an outfit for every season, but I don’t like the Thanksgiving one, so we made our own. construction paper and paper plates to the rescue! We both are pretty proud of this one.

And this final one is out slightly out of order, since he made it completely by himself last year for his Daddy. When I took it out of the box and showed him last week, he grabbed it and ran up to M’s office to give it to him, again. It is now hanging on the office door.

Now I think we are going to make some cornucopias.

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