Used the third part of my grape plant – the vine!

For the first time since I planted them 7 years ago, I have used all three parts of my grape plants.

Red Table Grape Plant

In Spring it was Stuffed Grape Leaves

In Summer it was raisins (the Thompsons) and Red Grape Lavender Jelly (with the red table grapes).

homemade raisins

Now that Fall is here it was time to cut back the vines for the year and I made a few grape vine wreaths.

It is so easy. The only trick is to do it right after you cut them before the dry out and become too brittle to bend without breaking. All you need to do is take one of your longest and thickest vines and make a circle slightly larger than you want your finished wreath to be, then continuing wrapping the end of the vine around (over and under) the circle you created. Tuck the end in between to secure it. Add more vines by tucking the end between two vines and keep wrapping. If you have seen a grape vine wreath before you know how it is supposed to look in the end. Then leave it to dry out for a few weeks and it will be just like a store bought one.

Yesterday, I used some ribbon left from our Halloween costumes and a few decorative sprays I had saved from another wreath years ago to make this fall wreath for our front door. Total cost = $0

Next year I am going try to get more creative with the shape, but for a first try I was pretty happy with how they came out.

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