December Garden Update

Another month, another entry for my gardening calendar. It is amazing the difference a few hours can make this time of year. It was a brisk but beautiful sunny morning so we went outside early to play (J) and garden (me). I quickly took some quick pictures, emptied my compost bin and refilled it with some scraps I had been saving for the next batch, tidied up a little and then the clouds came followed quickly by the rain.

I am glad we went out so Lil Monster isn’t cooped up all day and that I got the compost on the grass and trees just in time for the rain to soak all those nutrients into the soil. But, now I am happy to be warm inside munching on some warm from the oven Hawaiian Bread, editing photos and, of course, blogging.

hummingbird fuchsia
Sad waterfall has a leak somewhere about a foot down so it is turned off until I get it fixed
and the hummingbird fuchsia is cut to the ground for the year.

Asparagus is growing back nicely with some lavender and rosemary in the background.

Manzanita flowers starting to grow.

Giant Toyon loaded with bright red berries for the season.
Close up of the Toyon berries. Eat them up birdies!

Hopefully we will have a few carrots to harvest for Santa’s reindeer Christmas Eve.

The Yellow Carpet on one side of the median strip almost looks like a carpet now. The side I planted almost a year before STILL isn’t filling in. Not sure if it is less water or the partial shade.

Flowers forming on the big tree in the front yard (anyone know what this is?)

Apache Plume. No flowers, all plumes, and the leaves are turning brown.
Almost time to say nighty night to it for a few months.

Sunset Manzanita – wow! this one had some bright red tips on it.
Lightly composted the lawn and fruit trees/vines before the rain.

Yummy Compost Tea! (with a pretty cool reflection of the lights and tree above, I think)
Well, I bet my Freesias and indoor plants thought it was yummy when I gave it to them.
Personally, I prefer Constant Comment.
And now, I am going to curl up on the couch with something warm to drink, another slice of bread, and my first seed catalog for 2014! 

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