January Garden Update

Time for another update on the garden. While we aren’t blanketed in a foot of snow like some of you in the East Coast (sorry to rub it in), the garden does look a little drab right now. Well, it did until I started looking closely.
Not only are all the plants cut back around the pond, but it has a leak and I haven’t figured out where yet. Still a beautiful spot.

The only edibles I have at the moment are some beets, carrots, lettuce and arugula – yummy salad!

I often forget to look at the big picture of the garden and focus only on the bare spots. But stepping back I see the beauty of the plan we had in the design.
Peek a boo through the giant lilac bush down the path.
A pot and a bird bath have filled in some of these bare spots.
And if I do the opposite and use the macro lens there are some beautiful blooms.

And soon the plum tree will burst into its annual show of pink flowers. 
This is one of those times that I wish I could view a blog chronologically forward so I could see the garden progress through the year instead of seeing it in reverse order.

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