The pile is slowly disappearing

I have been slowly scraping off the dirt from the grass we tore up from the front yard three weeks ago, dirt in a pile and grass in the green barrel, but not more than 1/2 full or the trash can will break when they try to dump it on pick up day. Then I got sick and the pile was still there!

Last night my husband asked when I was going to have the area leveled so he could put up the pool, saying he did his part in one day. Hummpf! When he went inside to do a little work, I got inspired. The pile up there is on half of the space we were going to level. I removed the sand box from the side you don’t see in the photo. Then, instead of getting rid of the grass, I turned it grass side down and “tiled” the area. D’uh! I should have done that in the first place. I also should have taken a picture of it in the middle of the process, but I was on a roll!

As J and I were dumping his sand box of the green sand (eewww) I told him “I bet Daddy will come outside and see what we’ve done and say I was just kidding.” Twenty minutes later as I was scraping the dirt off the grass and leveling the area out, M came out and muttered “I was just kidding.” Do I know that man or what?

This morning I headed out early to do some more because it was predicted to approach 90 degrees here. After about 90 more minutes, the area looks like this:

And it looks pretty close to level to me.

Now the area is ready to put up the swimming pool. Just in time for the temperatures to drop to 70 degrees for the next 3 weeks. 🙁

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