Back for another round of NABLOPOMO.

NaBloPoMo September

Have I lost my mind to go back to trying to write a blog every day for the next month after 5 months off? Probably.

But with my little guy back in school full time 5 days a week I hope I might have a bit more time than last year when he was out at noon. Plus, I missed writing about other things than just food and recipes. I will still be blogging over on That Recipe at least twice a week, because that is still my bliss.


Right now I have a post up about why you might want to think about buying new kitchen appliances. And you want to be sure to check over there on Thursday for the monthly Fill the Cookie Jar recipe exchange where a bunch of bloggers join together and post a themed cookie recipe – this month we have Fall cookies. I made some delicious Cran-Oat White Chocolate cookies that were devoured pretty rapidly.

Over here I will be keeping with the blog title and posting random thoughts about parenting, weight loss/ fitness, gardening, crafts, photography and maybe even some genealogy. And I am sure the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be mentioned once or twice.

Parenting – School has been going for two weeks. YEAH! My 6 year old with ASD is in a regular first grade class with an aide that is helping him and another boy as needed. Our Annual and Triennial IEPs are scheduled for the 30th, and I will have plenty to say about that.

Fitness/Weight Loss – I have been working out 6 days a week and eating well below 1700 calories a day, but the scale isn’t showing much progress. The tape measure is showing a steady decline, and that’s the one I really trust to show improvement. I will be some different workouts in the next few weeks to mix things up, and I will let you know what I think about them.

Gardening/Crafts – My veggie garden was very disappointing this year, these planters made from plastic file boxes and landscape fabric might work well in areas that receive summer rain.


But here in hot dry Inland Southern California they produced dismal results. However, I made some new self watering planters that are both cheap and easy and work very well based on past experience. I will be putting together a how to blog on it as soon as I edit the photos.

Genealogy – I just got back into this recently and have found some interesting information like my second Great Grandmother was an indentured servant. And on the other side My Great Grandfather went to Italy for a visit and ended up getting sick and the family did not return before their passport expired. Does anyone read Italian? How about Italian Doctor?

As for the Turtles, they are our latest obsession. I get to be Raph. Why? you ask. “He’s the grumpy one.” Ouch!

I don’t know what else I will ramble about, but I hope you come along for the ride.

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