2 Easy Upcycled Halloween Projects

When I saw these two projects on Pinterest I knew I had to make them because they are cute and FREE!

easy upcycled halloween decorations

Did I mention they didn’t cost me anything to make them?

First is the Witches Brooms. I admit I bought the sign for $1 awhile ago. You could make your own with some wood and paint you have around the house so I am not really counting that as an expense.

I trimmed off two thick branches from my bay laurel tree. Then gathered a bunch of smaller sticks from the neighborhood and tied them on. They started to fall apart a bit and I suspected J was going to try to play with them, so I dumped a little wood glue on them to hold them in place. Tied on some ribbon and done.

close up of stick witch's broom

The Super Mario Pumpkin Patch is my twist on the Milk Carton Ghosts you may have seen. Both are the same concept: use a black marker to draw faces on cleaned out gallon jugs then string lights through the tops. For the ghosts use clear or white lights.

I went with orange lights and left some spread out to simulate the vine, then added some green duct tape to the top for stems.

They look cool at night, but I am not sure I love them during the day time. I may give them a light spray of orange paint.

What do you think?

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