Blogging Financial Errors

What I didn't know about Blog Financials Cost Me $100

Last week I figured out a few things that have been costing me money with That Recipe and I have no one to blame but myself.

First I discovered that I have been paying twice what I should for monthly hosting.

Mom set up the account originally with “company X” and they were bought by Yahoo. When I took over I just kept things the way they were because I didn’t know any better. IGNORANCE CAN BE COSTLY!

I noticed my available memory was getting a bit low so I clicked on the “upgrade plan” just to check things out. For half the price I had been paying before I went from 4GB to 500,000GB plus a bunch of other goodies. I could blame Yahoo for not telling or for gauging me all of this time, but I should have looked into it sooner.

I also had Yahoo take over my DNS which was with another company that spams me constantly. Ok, technically it isn’t SPAM, I do business with them so they put me on their newsletter that they send daily! Ugh. not anymore! The only bad thing was I lost the ability to update anything on the blog for 24 hours while the switch took place.

When I looked into adding another ad placement on the site I noticed that the one Above the Fold ad I had been running was only on my home page. PROBLEM! Most of my traffic goes directly to the blog posts and no ads were running on those. My traffic per the ad tracking site just doubled overnight.

And in more good financial news I made 2 cents on this weekend. Woohoo! if this keeps up my expensive little hobby might not cost me anything but time and ingredients before too long.

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