Blogging Tip: Keeping Track of Link Ups

The past few months I have been submitting my posts to various Link Ups, but as the number I contributed to grew, the harder it became for me to keep track of them.

It was a challenge to not only remember when each one went live, but to remember if I went back and looked through what other people had shared. Yeah, I am one of those bloggers that actually looks at and shares others contributions. I have found some great recipes and craft ideas this way. Hopefully if you participate in link ups you follow the rules and do the same. Call it blogging karma.

A few weeks ago I finally got organized and made a spreadsheet:

I organized it by when each one opens (or at least my best guess). The color coding helps me quickly group when I post morning or evening on each day. The sites are all hyperlinked so when I am ready to link up or share I can just click on the cell.

The three post columns are pretty self explanatory, just a reminder to me which posts I shared.

You will notice I am behind on sharing from some of the sites this week. Pretty normal for me, Tuesdays are usually crazy busy plus I like to wait a day or two to give more bloggers a chance to link up.

I haven’t made use of the results section yet, but every month I plan to go through my blogging stats and see how many referrals were generated from those sites. If I see one isn’t generating many referrals then I can decide if it is worth my time to participate.

In the notes section I add things such as if the link up also contains a social media link up or if one of my posts is featured and things of that nature.

So far this has been helping me stay on top of things.

How about you? How do you keep track of your link parties? Do you have a link party you’d like to share? Post it in the comments.

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